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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: agricultural resources management project
يوليو 2004
Interim evaluation1 Extract of Agreement at Completion Point The Core Learning Partnership and the users of the evaluation This Agreement at Completion Point (ACP) is concerned with identifying...
Republic of Ecuador: Development project for indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian peoples (PRODEPINE)
يوليو 2004
Interim evaluation 1 When we refer to an evaluation of a nation-wide strategy, as is the case with PRODEPINE in Ecuador, a synthetic judgement of the project's performance - even though very...
اللغات: English, Spanish
Promotion of local knowledge and innovations in Asia and the Pacific Region
يوليو 2004
Thematic evaluation The Core Learning Partnership and the users of the evaluation The members of the Core Learning Partnership (CLP) included representatives of IFAD's Asia and the Pacific Division...
The adoption of Organic Agriculture among small farmers in Latin America and the Caribbean
يوليو 2004
Thematic study1 Introduction Where appropriate, organic agriculture is an alternative for the diversification of production, and hence for the diversification of income sources, among small poor...
اللغات: English, Spanish
Republic of Indonesia
يونيو 2004
Country programme evaluation1 The Core Learning Partnership (CLP) and the users of the evaluation The members of the CLP constituted representatives from the Government of Indonesia (represented by...
Republic of Ghana: root and tuber improvement programme
يونيو 2004
Extract of Agreement at Completion point Interim evaluation1 Introduction The Root and Tuber Improvement Programme, (RTIP) became effective in January 1999 and was scheduled to close in December...
Senegal Country Programme Evaluation
يونيو 2004
À la demande du Département des opérations du FIDA, le Bureau de l’évaluation a conduit entre octobre 2002 et juillet 2003 une Évaluation de Programme de Pays en République du Sénégal. L’objectif...
اللغات: English, French
Benin: Country programme evaluation
يونيو 2004
Preamble This Agreement at Completion Point (ACP) is based on discussions and deliberations of the partnership of the findings and recommendations of the Country Programme Evaluation (CPE) report...
اللغات: English, French
The Republic of Lebanon: smallholder livestock rehabilitation project
مايو 2004
Extract at Agreement at Completion Point Completion Evaluation1 The Core Learning Partnership IFAD's Evaluation Policy2 defines the objectives of the Agreement at Completion Point (ACP) as…...
Republic of Senegal: Agricultural Development Project in Matam (PRODAM)
مايو 2004
Extact of Agreement at Completion Point Interim evaluation 1 On Friday 12 April 2003, the Core Learning Partnership of PRODAM – expanded to include the members of the Project management unit (PMU)...
اللغات: English, French
Republic of Senegal: Country programme evaluation
مايو 2004
Introduction At the request of IFAD's Operations Department, the Office of Evaluation conducted an evaluation of the country programme for the Republic of Senegal between October 2002 and July...
اللغات: English, French
Republic of Senegal: rural micro-enterprises project - PROMER
مايو 2004
Interim evaluation1 Introduction The rural micro-enterprises project (PROMER) began activities in June 1997 in two regions of Senegal (Tambacounda and Kolda) and by mid-term it had expanded to two...
اللغات: English, French
Burkina Faso: special programme for soil and water conservation and agroforestry, phases 1 & 2
بوركينا فاسو  
مايو 2004
Interim evaluation1 Introduction The Special Programme for Soil and Water Conservation and Agroforestry commenced in October 1988 in four provinces of the central plateau (Passoré, Yatenga, Bam and...
اللغات: English, French
Smallholder Livestock Rehabilitation Project (2004)
أبريل 2004
Completion evaluation 1 Project design. The Smallholder Livestock Rehabilitation Project (SLRP) was the first assistance provided by IFAD to Lebanon . The project, designed as a post-conflict...
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Supervision modalities in IFAD supported projects
يناير 2004
Exexutive summary Introduction1 Improving the quality of project implementation and achieving better results on the ground has been a priority for the International Fund for Agricultural...
Indonesia Country Programme Evaluation (2004)
يناير 2004
Country programme evaluation process1 The Indonesia Country Programme Evaluation (CPE) was undertaken by the Office of Evaluation (OE) at the request of the Government of Indonesia to take stock of...
Community Development Project for the Rio Gavião Region (PROGAVIÃO) (2003)
ديسمبر 2003
Interim evaluation Introduction This document contains an executive summary1 of the interim evaluation of the Community Development Project for the Rio Gavião Region (PROGAVIÃO). The evaluation –...
اللغات: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Hills Leasehold Forestry and Forage Development Project
ديسمبر 2003
Interim Evaluation The direct transfer of assets to the poor is an innovative approach to poverty alleviation. Aiming to solve the problem of common access to forest areas, 40-year leases give...
Annual Report on the Results and Impact 2003
نوفمبر 2003
The IFAD V: Plan of Action (2000-2002) recommended that the Office of Evaluation (OE) produce a systematic overview of the results and impact of IFAD’s operations, based on the evaluations it...

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