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Evaluation of the IFAD/NGO extended cooperation programme
يوليو 2000
The report of the above-mentioned evaluation was discussed at a meeting attended by all in-house partners concerned (PD, ED, OE and NGOs focal points) on 7 July 2000. The partners agreed on the...
India: Completion evaluation of the Tamil Nadu women's development project
يوليو 2000
Financial operations Sarasu is from Kayathur Village in South Arcot District. She has a long history of domestic and marital problems and experience of extreme poverty, with seven children to bring...
Republic of Ghana: rural enterprises project
يونيو 2000
Extract of Agreement at Completion point Interim evaluation In preparation for a possible second phase of the Rural Enterprises Project requested by the Government of Ghana (GOG), the International...
Republique de Madagascar: evaluation intermediaire du projet de mise en valeur du haut Bassin du Mandrare (PHBM)
مايو 2000
Le Projet de Mise en Valeur du Haut Bassin du Mandrare (PHBM) est entré en vigueur à la fin du mois de décembre 1995 pour une durée de 5 ans. Le projet, au Sud de Madagascar, est financé par un...
Republic of Uganda: completion evaluation of Masindi district integrated community development project
مايو 2000
Key lessons and recommendations This section discusses the key lessons that were drawn from Masindi experience by the evaluation learning partnership. It is focusing on those that have wider and...
Tamil Nadu Women's Development Project - Completion Evaluation (2000)
أبريل 2000
Completion Evaluation Introduction The Executive Board approved the IFAD-initiated Tamil Nadu Women's Development Project (TNWDP) in April 1989. The project became effective in January 1990 and...
Programme for Strengthening the Regional Capacity for Evaluation of RuralPoverty-Alleviation Projects
ديسمبر 1999
Interim Evaluation Executive Summary The Programme for Strengthening the Regional Capacity for Evaluation of Rural Poverty-Alleviation Projects in Latin America and the Caribbean (PREVAL) covers...
Projet de Sécurité Alimentaire au Nord-Guéra - Phase I (1999)
ديسمبر 1999
Évaluation intermédiare La zone d'intervention du Projet de sécurité alimentaire au Nord-Guéra (PSANG) comprend les trois sous-préfectures septentrionales du Guéra (Bitkine, Mongo et Magalmé), au...
Development for Marginal Rural Communities in the Ixtelra Region (1999)
أكتوبر 1999
Interim evaluation Introduction The Ixtlera region is a semi-arid area covering 155 000 square kilometres in north-eastern Mexico, spanning parts of the states of San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas,...
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India: completion evaluation of Orissa development project: seven lessons learned
مايو 1999
Introduction The tribal communities are among the most underprivileged people of India. They are severely impacted by poverty and its manifestations, such as low levels of literacy and health care,...
Evaluation Intermediaire du Projet de Sécurité Alimentaire au Nord-Guéra (PSANG, Phase 1) (1999)
يناير 1999
Resumé valide par les partenaires du Psang des principales leçons tirées de l'evaluation de la première phase et des orientations proposées pour une second phase La validation des conclusions et...
Venezuela: Programa Regional y Nacional de Capacitación en Desarrollo Rural
فنزويلا (جمهورية - البوليفارية)  
ديسمبر 1998
Fundación para la Capacitación e Investigación Aplicada a la ReformaAgraria (CIARA): (TAG231) El Programa, aprobado a fines de 1991 por la Junta Ejecutiva del FIDA, se ha estado implementando a...
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Poverty Alleviation Training in Asia and the PacificRegion
ديسمبر 1998
Interim Evaluation Executive Summary The target group for PATAP is: (i) project staff engaged in IFAD projects; (ii) farmers representing the beneficiaries in these projects; (iii) the sectoral...
Proyecto de Desarrollo y Consolidación de las Colonias de PequeñosAgricultores en el Departamento de Santa Cruz (PRODEPA) (1998)
دولة بوليفيا متعددة القوميات  
أكتوبر 1998
El Proyecto de Desarrollo y Consolidación de las Colonias de Pequeños Agricultores en el Departamento de Santa Cruz (PRODEPA) fue identificado por la Misión Especial de Programación del Fondo...
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Upper East Region Land Conservation and Smallhoder Rehabilitation Project (LACOSREP) (1998)
سبتمبر 1998
Interim evaluation Ghana has a total area of about 240 000 km2, of which the Upper East Region (UER) covers about 8 800 (3.7 % ) in the Northeast corner. The total population with annual growth...
Smallholders' Agricultural Development Project in the ParacentralRegion (1998)
سبتمبر 1998
Interim evaluation Project design and objectives Target group In the appraisal document (1990), the target group was estimated at 21 000 farmers having holdings of less than four hectares; 77% of...
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Mauritania Evaluation du portefeuille de projets du FIDA
أغسطس 1998
Cette évaluation du portefeuille de projets financés par le FIDA en Mauritanie est la septième du genre. Comme les précédentes, elle répond au besoin du Fonds de comprendre, en longue durée, dans...
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