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IFAD’s direct supervision and implementation
June 2012
This first evaluation synthesis report issued by IOE makes an initial assessment of the progress made so far in implementing IFAD’s Policy on Supervision and Implementation Support, identifying...
Rural Areas Economic Development Programme
June 2012
The Rural Areas Economic Development Programme left a visible and positive impact on rural areas development in Armenia in many respects. Through establishment of the Rural Finance Facility the...
Republic of Yemen Country programme evaluation - Extract of Agreement and Completion Point
May 2012
Introduction This is the second IFAD country programme evaluation (CPE) for Yemen since the Fund started its operations in the country in 1979 (the first CPE was conducted in 1992). The CPE had two...
National Programme for Rangeland Rehabilitation and Development
May 2012
The IFAD-supported National Programme for Rangeland Rehabilitation and Development performed poorly during its first years and suffered as well from the socio-economic complexity and environmental...
Ghana Country Programme Evaluation
May 2012
Ghana is the largest recipient of IFAD’s loans and grants in the West and Central Africa region. Compared with past results the performance of IFAD-funded portfolio in Ghana has improved according...
Rwanda Country Programme Evaluation
March 2012
The performance of the IFAD-funded project portfolio in Rwanda has improved significantly since the country programme evaluation of 2005, especially with regard to effectiveness and efficiency, and...
Area-Based Agricultural Modernization Programme
February 2012
The overall goal of the Area-Based Agricultural Modernization Programme in Uganda was to increase the incomes and food security of poor rural households in the programme areas and to modernize...
Rural Financial Services Project
February 2012
Project performance assessment The most important results of the Rural Financial Services Project in Ghana were of institutional nature. The project helped strengthen the regulatory and oversight...
Annual Report on the Results and Impact 2011
January 2012
This is the ninth Annual Report on Results and Impact of IFAD Operations (ARRI) produced by the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD (IOE). It consolidates and synthesizes the results and...
Smallholder Cash and Export Crops Development Project
December 2011
The Smallholder Cash and Export Crops Development Project (PDCRE ), which became effective September 2003, will close in September 2011. Because the Government of Rwanda has indicated that it may...