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Atolls Credit and Development Baning Project (1991)
December 1991
Completion Evaluation Project area The project was designed to cover 15 out of 19 outer atolls in the Northern and South-Central regions. The project area comprised: Haa Alifu, Haa Dhaalu,...
Agricultural Marketing and Credit Project
November 1991
Lesotho, with a total area of around 30 000 Km2, is a landlocked country, surrounded by the Republic of South Africa (RSA). The average annual population growth rate is 2.63% over a population of...
South Simbu Rural Development Project (1991)
Papua New Guinea  
September 1991
Interim Evaluation Report Background The project area consists of two quite diverse districts, particularly in terms of access, population pressure and ethnic groupings. The districts lie south of...
Small Farmers Credit Project (1991)
September 1991
Completion Evaluation Given that a second phase of the Small Farmers Credit Project (SFCP) for Jamaica (Loan No. 100-JA) was under consideration, IFAD's Monitoring and Evaluation Division carried...
The Northern Region Agricultural Rehabilitation Project (1991)
September 1991
Interim Evaluation Background The project area consists of a narrow fringe of land along the Nile in northern Sudan and covers about 120 000 feddans (fd) or 50 000 hectares with about 100 villages....
Oaxaca Integrated Rural Development Project - Ex-post evaluation(1991)
May 1991
Ex-post evaluation Introduction IFAD's Monitoring and Evaluation Division conducted an ex-post evaluation of the Oaxaca Integrated Rural Development Project in October, 1991. The evaluation's...
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Integrated Rural Development Project (1991)
April 1991
Mid-term evaluation This report distils and synthesizes the principal findings and recommendations of partial evaluations by IFAD consultants of the Integrated Rural Development Project (IRDP),...
Projet de Développement Rural de l'Atacora
March 1991
La zone du projet, la préfecture d'Atacora, est caractérisée par une grande diversité agro-écologique. Elle est en fait constituée de 4 sous régions très différentes: la zone cotonnière à l'Est...
Projet de développement rural de la région de Siguiri
March 1991
Le projet concerne une partie (4 sous préfectures sur 12) de la préfecture de Siguiri en Haute Guinée. Cette région est la moins arrosée du pays (moins de 1.300 mm) mais bénéficie des crues du...
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Agricultural Credit for Phase III of a Programme (1990)
El Salvador  
December 1990
Completion evaluation The completion evaluation of the Agricultural Credit Project for the Loan 163-ES, El Salvador, for which the IDB has been the Cooperating Institution, was carried out in...
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North Western Province Area Development Project - Interim evaluation report
November 1990
The project is national in scope, but concentrated on high priority areas to the benefit of the majority of agricultural and fishery small-scale producers. Given the prevailing insecurity at the...
Projet fonds de développement villageois de Ségou
March 1990
Résumé du rapport d'évaluation intermédiaire La zone du projet est le cercle de Ségou (à l'exception de ses zones irriguées), situé dans la quatrième région du Mali. On constate une baisse de la...
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Smallholder Rehabilitation and Development Programme
March 1990
Mid-term evaluation The major part of the programme was to be concentrated in three adjacent districts of the Northern Region. The volume and period of rains varies widely (drought in 1982-83,...
Smallholder Rice Seed Development Project (1989)
April 1989
Completion evaluation Liberia lies almost entirely within the tropical rain forest zone. The average population density is about 20 hab/km2. The annual rainfall ranges from 1600 mm inland to 4600...
Projet de Développement Rural Intégré de l'Ombela Mpoko
Central African Republic  
March 1988
Résumé du rapport d'évaluation à mi-parcours La préfecture de l'Ombella Mpoko est située à proximité de Bangui et est desservie par deux axes routiers. La population agricole est de 79.000...
Projet de Développement Agricole intégré d'Assomada (1987)
Cabo Verde  
December 1987
Résumé du rapport d'évaluation terminale Le plateau d'Assomada ainsi que les deux bassins versant de Boa Entrada et Engenhos sont situés au coeur du massif montagneux central de l'ile de Santiago....
Proyecto de Crédito Agrícola (1987)
Costa Rica  
March 1987
Resumen estructurado del informe de evaluación terminal. Septiembre, 1987 El programa no estaba limitado a una zona determinada del país. Costa Rica es un país pequeño (50 900 km²) pero presenta...
Projet de Développement Rural de l'ORD de l'Est
Burkina Faso  
March 1987
Résumé du rapport d'évaluation à mi-parcours La zone du projet comprend un peu plus de la moitié du territoire de l'ORD de l'Est (provinces du Gourma, de la Gnagna et de la Tapoa). C'est une zone...
East Mpanda Rural Development Project
March 1987
Mid-term evaluation Burundi, a small, landlocked country in East Africa, had an estimated population of 3.8 million in 1976, with a growth rate of 2.2%. It is one of the most densely populated...
Smallholder Fertilizer Project
November 1986
Malawi agricultural sector is dualistic. A modern plantation (estate) sub-sector under private management produces export crops (tobacco, sugar and tea) and had registered a growth rate of 10%...
Dowa West Rural Development Project
November 1981
The Project area covers Dowa West, one of the four rural development areas (RDA) in the Kasungu Agricultural Development Division (KADD) in the Central Region of Malawi. Dowa West covers an area of...