Evaluation Assistant
Antonella Sisti
English, French, Italian, German
+39 06 5459 2265
Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature Universitá degli Studi di Roma Tre
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Antonella joined the UN in 2010, working as an Office Assistant with both WFP and IFAD, where she thrived in the dynamic and diverse working environments of both organisations. In 2015, Antonella joined IFAD as a permanent staff member in the role of Administrative Assistant within the Financial Operations Department, and was soon promoted to a higher grade within the Programme Management Department's Latin America and the Caribbean Division. During her time within LAC, Antonella worked closely with the region's Lead Economist, Portfolio Advisor and Senior Procurement Officer, which provided an excellent opportunity to further enhance her ability to multitask and effectively manage multiple reporting lines.
+19 years of working experience in travel and events
+10 years of experience in contracts, statistics, collaboration on software developments, training and troubleshooting.
2021 Rome, Italy
2019 Rome, Italy
2015 Rome, Italy
2014 Rome, Italy
2013 Rome, Italy
2010 Rome, Italy
Evaluation Assistant Independent Office of Evaluation IFAD
Administrative Assistant LAC Regional Team IFAD
Administrative Assistant Financial Management Division IFAD
Office Assistant Policy Programme and Innovation WFP
Administrative Assistant Policy and Technical Advisory IFAD
Office Assistant Communication division WFP