Bagele Chilisa
+267 71 312 504
Professor University of Botswana
Ph.D. Policy Planning and Evaluation University Pittsburgh, USA
M.A. Research Design, Measurement, and Statistics University Pittsburgh, USA
M.Ed. in Curriculum and Evaluation University of Botswana, Botswana
Bagele is a globally recognized scholar who has written extensively on decolonizing research and evaluation methodologies. She is one of the leading African thought scholars, speaker and author driving a fourth evaluation branch that focuses on evaluation approaches which situates context, needs, aspirations and priorities of the evaluand at the center of evaluation practice. Her focus on the integration of all knowledge systems especially the recognition, promotion and continuous production of indigenous research and evaluation methodologies, has broaden the thinking on the - evaluation theory and practice. She is one of the pioneers of the Made in Africa Evaluation Approaches and indigenous trans-disciplinary research.
Professional affiliations and distinctions Council member: International Evaluation Academy, 2020 Advisory panel member of the IEO office of UNDP Peer reviewer, Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia President of the Botswana Evaluation Society 2019 University of Botswana Researcher of the Year award 2016 International HIV/AIDS researcher of the year award 2006 University of Botswana research team leader of the year award
40 years experience in the research, measurement and evaluation field
30 years in the academic, teaching, research and consultancy services
1998 Botswana
Professor, Program Director and Principal Investigator of National Institute of Health funded grants on research, project design and evaluation of education and health related interventions
Associate Professor of Education and global evaluation consultant and peer reviewer of multiple development projects
Senior Lecturer and Head of Department Educational Foundations University of Botswana
Research, testing and evaluation officer