Colombia Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation

07 February 2024

This is the first country strategy and programme evaluation (CSPE) conducted by the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD in Colombia. The evaluation covers the period 2008-2022.

The CSPE found that although Colombia has made great progress in poverty reduction, the most remote rural areas continue to register higher rates of poverty and inequality. The country made significant progress to overcome the armed conflicts of the past through a peace process that addresses inequality and lack of attention to agriculture.

IFAD-supported interventions supported the introduction of innovative approaches to increase access to assets and diversify the initiatives of small-scale producers and entrepreneurs, targeting the most excluded rural actors. The most successful results were achieved in restoring social networks and cohesion, raising incomes and building local capacities for resilience and associative management.

The CSPE also highlighted sustainability challenges as local initiatives were not backed up with an adequate territorial approach to maximize impact. In addition, there were a lack of synergies and partnerships with public institutions, local governments and private actors.

For the future, the evaluation recommends, among other things, channelling a larger portfolio of resources into expanding and revitalizing IFAD’s country strategy and programme. This implies actions such as agreeing on a new cooperation agenda with the Government, and defining innovative strategies for capacity development and communication.

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