Geospatial tools and applications to support IOE

10 February 2023

Today, geospatial methods and data are increasing in both their application and recognition within the evaluation community, particularly among those working in international development. The Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD (IOE) has been exploring the use of innovative and cost-effective internal and external geospatial technologies with integrated geospatial analysis, which hold the potential to support its evaluations.
This guidance note examines five open-source innovative and low-cost big Earth Observation (EO) applications and tools with analytical capacities. These technologies and applications include Global Forest Watch (GFW), Earth Map, Soil Grids, and the Wayback tool. The note also features case studies to give a flavour of how and where IFAD and IOE have used such technology.
The guidance note aims to raise awareness, promote and systemize the use of such geospatial technologies by highlighting their relevance and functions in supporting upcoming evaluations.

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