Knowledge Management Toolbox

08 May 2024

As part of its corporate-level evaluation on knowledge management (KM), mandated by the IFAD Executive Board during the 134th session, IOE developed a Toolbox to evaluate knowledge management practices. The Toolbox comprises three distinct but related resources, namely:

  • Mapping of knowledge sharing and dissemination of selected IFAD signature solutions, which have  improved the life of rural people
  • Tracking of IFAD’s KM practices through a Rubric that evaluates outcomes in terms of transformation on a country-by-country basis.           
  • Capturing local and indigenous knowledge  through two remote participatory video evaluation pilots (PVEs) in Brazil and Peru


Mapping of IFAD’s signature solutions

The tool helps to:

The ten selected signature solutions are small scale irrigation, homestead gardens, gender action learning system, learning routes, seeds certification, new ruralities, experience capitalization, farmer field school, leasehold forestry, and public-private producer partnerships.


Tracking of IFAD’s KM practices

The Rubric evaluates the immediacy, medium-term, and long-term outcomes of IFAD’s KM practices in terms of transformation on a country-by-country basis, through 20 case studies from across the planet.


Participatory video evaluation pilots (PVEs)

The eight PVEs carried out in Brazil and Peru look for innovative approaches to enhance the impact of our programmes and include the voices of local and indigenous communities. In particular, they help to:


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