Uzbekistan Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation

20 April 2023

This is the first country strategy and programme evaluation (CSPE) conducted in Uzbekistan. The evaluation covers the period from 2011 to 2020.

The CSPE found that IFAD effectively responded to shifts in government policies in the agricultural and rural sector by focusing on the value chain approach to agribusiness development, as well as by promoting inclusive rural finance. IFAD was the first international financial institution to champion direct support to the most vulnerable group, the dehkan farmers.

However, the evaluation also noted that despite efforts at design stage, IFAD’s targeting strategy s was not adequately tailored to the needs of the different beneficiary groups. In addition, an effective monitoring and evaluation system was lacking in the country, which limited the scope to assess IFAD’s contribution to immediate and longer-term results on the ground.

Among the CSPE’s recommendations, IFAD should place effective targeting strategies at the core of the new Uzbekistan country strategy, in order to reach the poorest (including through pro-poor value chains). The Fund should also enhance country presence and programme support to ensure supervision, programme management, monitoring and policy dialogue.  

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