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Disability inclusion at IFAD and IOE
febrero 2024
Coffee Talk presented by Steven Jonckheere (Senior Evaluation Officer), Dr Mònica Lomeña-Gelis (Senior Evaluation Officer), Jeanette Cooke (Evaluation Officer), Ambrose Murangira (Disability...
Evaluating community-based approaches: Lessons from the Ethiopia impact evaluation
febrero 2024
Coffee Talk presented by Dr Shijie Yang, Economist, World Bank.
UNSWAP on gender equality and the empowerment of women
enero 2024
Coffee Talk presented by Dr. Mònica Lomeña-Gelis (IOE Senior Evaluation Officer), Enala Mumba (IOE Evaluation Officer) and Jeanette Cooke (Evalation Officer).
Sub-regional Evaluation IFAD’s Experience in the Dry Corridor of Central America
diciembre 2023
Coffee Talk presented by Fabrizio Felloni (IOE Deptuty Director), Massiel Jiménez (IOE Evaluation Research Analyst), and Daniel Wiesner (IOE Consultant)
Evaluation of the EBRD’s Agribusiness Strategy 2019-23 and early results of its implementation
noviembre 2023
Coffee Talk presented by Tomasz Bartos, Associate Director, Evaluation Department, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  
IFAD data governance policy
octubre 2023
Coffee Talk presented by Brenda Gunde (Senior Technical Specialist - ICT4D) and Mikal Khan (Evaluation Officer).
What are the similarities and differences between different levels/types of evaluations at IOE?
junio 2023
Coffee Talk presented by Dr. S. Nanthikesan (IOE Lead Evaluation Officer) and Dr. Mònica Lomeña-Gelis (Senior Evaluation Officer).  
Addressing change complexity by applying a system approach to evaluate complex rural development interventions
mayo 2023
Coffee Talk presented by Dr. Kouessi Maximin Kodjo (IOE Lead Evaluation Officer)
Evaluation approaches in fragile and conflict situation | Experiences from Thematic and Corporate Level Evaluations
abril 2023
Coffee Talk presented by James Gasana (IOE Consultant), Dr S. Nanthikesan (IOE Team Leader), and Massiel Jiménez (IOE Evaluation Research Analyst).

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