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Gender perspective in Rural Finance - dynamics between rural finance and transformative change of women empowerment
noviembre 2021
The current Rural Finance Policy is sufficiently broad and generic and encompasses many pertinent themes. However, changes in the global environment require coverage of more recent issues. The fact...
Intersections of Gender and Marital Status in Accessing Climate Change Adaptation
octubre 2021
Climate scholars are increasingly recognizing the importance of gender in climate change vulnerability, but often either dichotomize men and women as homogeneous categories or limit themselves to...
Gender identities and masculinities
julio 2021
Gender identities and masculinities emerge from feminist theory, research and practice This approach questions universal and absolute categories such as male and female, and is grounded in an...
The Purple Economy and achieving the IFAD gender policy objective on equitable workloads
julio 2021
The term Purple Economy was coined to highlight the neglected and undervalued nature of the care economy in mainstream economics and the resulting adverse effects of inequality (class). Care work...

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