Evaluación externa independiente del Fondo Internacional de Desarrollo Agrícola

22 diciembre 2014

During its deliberations, the Consultation on the Sixth Replenishment of IFAD's Resources endorsed a proposal to have an independent external evaluation (IEE) of IFAD. Accordingly, the Independent Office of Evaluation undertook this important evaluation in 2004/2005, before the Seventh Replenishment.

The main objective of the IEE was to determine IFAD's contribution to rural poverty reduction, the results and impact it has achieved in this area, and the relevance of the organization within the international development community.

The IEE addressed two fundamental questions: is IFAD doing the right things and is it doing them in the right way?

The IEE was conducted under the overall supervision of the Director of the Independent Office of Evaluation on behalf of the IFAD Executive Board. Please see IEE documents below for the full report.

Terms of reference
Desk review report
Country synopses (July 2004)
Inception Report

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