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Rural Microenterprise Promotion Programme
novembre 2016
The Rural Microenterprise Promotion Programme (RuMEPP) in the Republic of the Philippine implemented between 2006 and 2013, sought to address two main areas of impediments to microenterprise...
India Country Programme Evaluation
ottobre 2016
Since 1979, IFAD has invested more than US$928 million in 27 programmes and projects in India, with a total cost of $2.6 billion when cofinancing is included, directly benefitting 4.4 million...
The Gambia Country Programme Evaluation
Gambia (The)  
settembre 2016
The evaluation finds that the partnership between IFAD and the Government of The Gambia has been highly valued, reflecting mutual trust and cordial relations. The project objectives and designs are...
Finance for Enterprise Development and Employment Creation Project
luglio 2016
Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with a population density of 1,174 inhabitants per in 2011. Depending on the source, rural poverty stood between 43 and...
Nigeria Country Programme Evaluation
luglio 2016
Over the last 30 years, IFAD has supported ten projects in Nigeria for a total cost of US$795.3 million, of which IFAD has provided US$317.9 million. This is the second country programme evaluation...
Ethiopia Country Programme Evaluation
luglio 2016
Country Programme Evaluation This is the second country programme evaluation conducted by Independent Office of Evaluation in Ethiopia and it covers eight years of IFAD's operations (2007-2015)...
United Republic of Tanzania: Country Programme Evaluation -Extract of Agreement at Completion Point (2015)
United Republic of Tanzania  
luglio 2016
Introduction The Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD (IOE) carried out a Country Programme Evaluation (CPE) in 2014. This is the second CPE conducted by IOE in the United Republic of Tanzania...
Environment and Natural Resource Management: Evaluation Synthesis
giugno 2016
The Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD has reviewed the Fund's support of Environment and Natural Resource Management (ENRM) through an examination of 72 evaluations conducted between 2010...
Non-lending Activities in the Context of South-South Cooperation: Evaluation Synthesis
giugno 2016
Support to South-South cooperation (SSC) has been a high priority for IFAD and its Member States since the consultation process of the Eighth Replenishment of IFAD's Resources. The Independent...
Rural Diversification Programme
giugno 2016
The goal of IFAD's Rural Diversification Programme in Mauritius was to (i) broaden the income and resource base of the target population of small and marginal planters, fishermen, unemployed,...