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Rural Financial Intermediation Programme (2017)
novembre 2017
One of the main achievements of the programme was transforming Lesotho Post Bank into a self-reliant financial intermediary with a full banking license, and expanding rural credit and savings...
Mozambique Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation
novembre 2017
During the period under evaluation, IFAD provided six loans to Mozambique, for a total value of US$ 239 million. The evaluation found a positive impact which included significant capacity...
Rural Microfinance Development Support Project
ottobre 2017
Project performance evaluation The overall approach of the Rural Microfinance Development Support Project was to support microfinance institutions in order to improve rural people’s access to...
Lingue: English, French
Arab Republic of Egypt Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation
ottobre 2017
This evaluation covers the IFAD-supported country programme and strategy in Egypt for the period 2005 to 2016. Egypt is the largest borrower among the 22 countries in the Near East and North Africa...
2017 Annual Report on Results And Impact of IFAD operations
ottobre 2017
Every year, since 2003, the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD produces the Annual Report on Results and Impact of IFAD Operations (ARRI). This 15th edition of the ARRI highlights results,...
Georgia: Agricultural Support Project
settembre 2017
Impact evaluation The overall objective of the Agricultural Support Project was to increase the incomes of the rural poor through commercially viable agricultural and rural enterprises. The project...
Webinar 25 0ctober 2017 - details
settembre 2017
Date: 25 October 2017 Time: 15.00 CET
IFAD’s Country-level Policy Dialogue
luglio 2017
  The Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD has just released the evaluation synthesis “IFAD’s Country-level Policy Dialogue”. The synthesis examines IFAD's engagement with partner governments...

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