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Non-lending Activities in the Context of South-South Cooperation: Evaluation Synthesis
giugno 2016
Support to South-South cooperation (SSC) has been a high priority for IFAD and its Member States since the consultation process of the Eighth Replenishment of IFAD's Resources. The Independent...
Rural Diversification Programme
giugno 2016
The goal of IFAD's Rural Diversification Programme in Mauritius was to (i) broaden the income and resource base of the target population of small and marginal planters, fishermen, unemployed,...
Oasis Sustainable Development Programme
maggio 2016
The overall goal of the Oasis Sustainable Development Programme was to promote oasis development by enabling the empowerment of oasis communities to participate effectively in the pursuit of the...
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Republic of Turkey Extract of Agreement at Completion Point
maggio 2016
Introduction A. Introduction 1. This is the first country programme evaluation (CPE) undertaken by the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD (IOE) of the IFAD-Turkey partnership....
Turkey Country Programme Evaluation
maggio 2016
Over the last 30 years, IFAD has supported 10 projects in Turkey for a total of cost of US$661.1 million, of which IFAD has provided $189 million. Activities have directly benefited 1.3 million...
IFAD’s Performance-based Allocation System
aprile 2016
Overview IFAD’s Performance-based Allocation System Corporate-level Evaluation Background Since it was introduced by IFAD's Executive Board in 2003, the Performance-based Allocation System (PBAS)...
Pastoral Community Development Project II
aprile 2016
The Pastoral Community Development Project in Ethiopia successfully introduced community-driven development, which was key in empowering pastoralist communities. Overall, the project performed...
Environment Conservation and Poverty-Reduction Programme in Ningxia and Shanxi
marzo 2016
The Environment Conservation and Poverty-Reduction Programme in Ningxia and Shanxi aimed at sustainable and equitable poverty reduction for 300,000 vulnerable rural households living in an...

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