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Agricultural Development Project
maart 1995
Completion Evaluation The project area, in the northern part of Uganda, covers about 25% of the total land area, or approximately 59,000 square km, in seven administrative districts. The terrain is...
Animal Health Services Rehabilitation Programme
maart 1995
Purpose and scope The Kenya Animal Health Services Rehabilitation Programme aimed to improve the delivery of animal health services to the large number of small livestock owners nationwide. This...
Small-Scale Agricultural Development Project - Completion Evaluation (1994)
december 1994
Completion Evaluation October 1994 Executive Summary Background Over the last twenty years, Mauritius has undergone major structural changes from an agricultural mono-crop economy with a rapidly...
Second Ceara Integrated Rural Development Project (1994)
december 1994
Ex-post evaluation Rural poverty in Brazil is concentrated in the Northeast region of the country. Per capita income in this region is only half the average for the country. Seventy percent of...
Income Generating Project for Marginal Farmers and Landless (1994)
december 1994
Mid-term Evaluation Progress in implementation Physical and Financial Performance: Although the Loan Agreement was signed in January 1988, delays resulted in IFAD credit being utilized only in Year...
Hillside Farmers Support Project (1994)
december 1994
Mid-term Evaluation Findings The Hillside Farmers Support Project (HFSP) is in its fifth out of the six years initially planned for implementation. Project objectives were to provide credit and...
Mauritius: Small-Scale Agricultural Development Project (Completion evaluation)
september 1994
Over the last twenty years, Mauritius has undergone major structural changes from an agricultural mono-crop economy with a rapidly growing population, high unemployment and low per capita incomes...
Saint Lucia: Small Farmers Agricultural Development Project
Saint Lucia  
september 1994
Completion evaluation The Completion Evaluation mission of the Small Farmers Agricultural Development (SFAD) project worked in St. Lucia from the 2nd to the 19th of November 1994. The project faced...
Toledo Small Farmers Development
september 1994
The aim of the Interim Evaluation Mission (IEM) was to review the implementation of the Toledo Small Farmers Development Project (TSFDP) in relation to the stated hypotheses, strategies, targets...
Bangladesh Country Portfolio Evaluation
juni 1994
Evaluation purpose and scope At the request of the Executive Board of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) a series of Country Portfolio Evaluations (CPEs) were undertaken in...
Smallholder Cattle Development Project (1994)
mei 1994
Ex-post Evaluation In the 1970s, the Indonesian economy grew robustly as a result of favourable economic policies. Since 1981, however, the fall in oil prices has caused a severe deterioration in...
Agricultural Diversification and People's Irrigation Project in the North (1994)
april 1994
Mid-term evaluation Project design and objectives Background Country context. During the past three decades, Thailand has enjoyed a consistently high rate of economic growth which has pushed it...
Tafilalet and Dades Rural Development Project (PDRT) (2006)
april 1994
Completion evaluation1 Introduction Following the closing of the Tafilalet and Dadès Rural Development Project (PDRT), a completion evaluation mission from the Office of Evaluation of the...
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Jahaly and Pacharr Smallholder Development Project
Gambia (The)  
maart 1994
Completion evaluation report summary The project area comprises two distinct swamp areas located 7 km apart on the southern banks of the river Gambia. The climate, soils and topography are...
Projet de réhabilitation agricole du Fouta Djallon
maart 1994
La zone du projet couvre le nord-est du massif du Fouta Djallon, constituée en grande partie de zones d'altitude ainsi que des versants nord et nord-est du massif. Elle englobe les préfectures de...
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The Sudan Country Portfolio Evaluation
december 1993
Main findings and conclusions Evaluation purpose and scope This is the second Country Portfolio Evaluation (CPE) undertaken by the Fund. Its purpose is to contribute to better project design and...
Chuquisaca North Agricultural Development Project
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
december 1993
The project covers the rural areas of the northern provinces of the Chuquisaca Department in Bolivia. Its cost was USD 21.0 million and the amount of the IFAD loan USD 13.8 million. The target...
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