Evaluation Associate
Christiane Kuhn
English, French, Italian, German
+39 06 54592740
Master in Economics and Business Administration University of Passau, Germany
Diploma in Strategic and Public Procurement Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), U.K.
Christiane has been working in development for over 25 years in an international NGO, as a research consultant at FAO and since 2003 in IFAD in the Near East and North Africa and West and Central Africa regions with focus on rural finance, M&E, procurement, financial management and administration. Christiane has also been part of the travel as well as procurement units in the Administrative Services Division contributing to the improvement of business processes. Now she works in IOE as Evaluation Associate.
Professional affiliations and distinctions 2016 Scholarship for the Rural and Agricultural Finance Programme (Boulder Institute)
25 years professional experience working in development
19 year professional experience working in IFAD
2022 Italy
2021 Italy
2018 Italy
2005 Italy
2003 Italy
1999 Italy
1997 Italy
Evaluation Associate IOE, IFDA
Procurement Associate ADM, IFAD
Travel Associate ADM, IFAD
Programme Associate West & Central Africa Region, IFAD
Programme Assistant Near East & North Africa Region, IFAD
Research consultant Investment Centre, FAO HQ
NGO Research Officer