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Corporate-level Evaluation on the IFAD Policy for Grant Financing
ноября 2014
Corporate-level evaluation. IFAD’s grants programme has a long history, dating back to the Agreement Establishing IFAD. The Executive Board approved a policy for grant financing for the first time...
Zambia Country Programme Evaluation
октября 2014
This country programme evaluation is the first carried out in Zambia and it covers the period 1999-2013.The interventions by IFAD have helped to increase and diversify production by beneficiary...
Republic of Ecuador: Country Programme Evaluation - Extract of Agreement at Completion Point
июля 2014
This section details the evaluation recommendations, based on the present report (see chapter VIII), that the Government of Ecuador and IFAD Management agree to adopt and implement within specific...
Языки: English, Spanish
Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Programme
июня 2014
The evaluation reveals that the programme activities brought about improvements in the production and productivity of crops and livestock in the targeted area, through training of farmers and...
Rural Youth Evaluation synthesis report
июня 2014
Evaluation Synthesis. IFAD started enhancing its focus on rural youth in the last decade and particularly in 2010, when the Strategic Framework for the period 2011–2015 reflected the Fund's...
IFAD Replenishments Evaluation
июня 2014
The corporate-Level evaluation reveals that replenishment consultations are critical for IFAD's financial sustainability and also provide a unique platform to ensure accountability for results and...
Ecuador Country Programme Evaluation (2014)
июня 2014
The country programme evaluation reveals that IFAD’s country programme in Ecuador has made a positive contribution to the country’s rural development through social and productive investments...
Языки: English, Spanish
IFAD’s Engagement in Middle-income Countries: Evaluation Synthesis
февраля 2016
The evaluation synthesis concludes that there is a solid cause for IFAD’s continued engagement in middle-income countries (MICs). In fact, IFAD remains a relevant and highly valued partner for...
Rural Development Project in the Mountain Zones of Al-Haouz
мая 2014
The Rural Development Project in the Mountain Zones of Al-Haouz aimed to pilot various approaches that could then be scaled up and replicated in other mountain areas in the country, to encourage...
Языки: English, French
Moldova Country Programme Evaluation
Republic of Moldova  
мая 2014
Overall, the country programme has made good achievements on the ground over the past decade. IFAD support has contributed to increased levels of agricultural production, development of viable...

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