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Water Conservation and Management Evaluation synthesis report
апреля 2014
Evaluation synthesis. Overall, IFAD’s engagement in the water sector has improved also as a result of better performance in related sectors such as financial services, value addition and market...
Republic of Indonesia: Country Programme Evaluation - Agreement at Completion Point
апреля 2014
Introduction This is the second Country Programme Evaluation (CPE) undertaken by the IFAD Independent Office of Evaluation (IOE) for Indonesia. The CPE covers nine years, of which five years (2004...
Impact evaluations
марта 2014
IOE introduced impact evaluations in 2013. They are project-level evaluations intended to assess the performance and impact of an IFAD-funded project in a more quantitative and rigorous manner and...
Management of Natural Resources in the Chaco and High Valley Regions Project
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
марта 2014
The project is evaluated positively in terms of attention to natural resources management, participatory methods in the training of vulnerable populations and the delivery of technical assistance....
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Agriculture, Marketing and Enterprise Promotion Programme
марта 2014
The overall project performance assessment of the Agriculture, Marketing and Enterprise Promotion Programme is satisfactory, with one of the key achievements being the prolonged presence and...
Jordan Country Programme Evaluation
марта 2014
This is the first IFAD country programme evaluation (CPE) for Jordan since the Fund started its operations in the country in 1981. The evaluation has made it possible to assess the results and...
Rural Development Programme for Mountainous and Highland Areas
февраля 2014
The project performance assessment of the Rural Development Programme for Mountainous and Highland Areas focused on agricultural production, small infrastructure and project management. After...
Mauritius: Rural Diversification Programme
февраля 2014
Project performance assessment Terms of reference Background The Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD (IOE) will conduct a Project Performance Assessment (PPA) of the Rural Diversification...
Uruguay: National smallholder support programme phase II (PRONAPPA II)
февраля 2014
Terms of Reference Project Performance Assessment Introducción La Oficina de Evaluación Independiente del FIDA (IOE), de acuerdo a la Política de Evaluación del FIDA, llevará a cabo en 2013 una...
Republic of Madagascar: Extract of the Agreement at Completion Point
февраля 2014
Extract of the Agreement at Completion Point This section presents the recommendations based on the evaluation report (chapter VIII) that the Government of Madagascar and IFAD Management agreed to...
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