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Approach papers
июля 2013
2013 Plurinational State of Bolivia Country programme evaluation People's Republic of China Country programme evaluation Republic of Indonesia Country programme evaluation Republic of Moldova...
IFAD’s Engagement with Cooperatives - A Study in Relation to the United Nations International Year of Cooperatives
июня 2013
Cooperatives are not the only farmers' organizations (FOs) to receive IFAD support. However, because the United Nations has designated 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives (IYC), it was...
Republic of Mali: Country Programme Evaluation - Extract from the Agreement at Completion Point
июня 2013
This section presents the recommendations based on the evaluation report (chapter VIII) that the Government of Mali and IFAD's management agreed to adopt and implement, following a specific...
Языки: English, French
Independent External Evaluation of IFAD (IEE)
июня 2013
During its deliberations, the Consultation on the Sixth Replenishment of IFAD's Resources endorsed a proposal to have an independent external evaluation (IEE) of IFAD. Accordingly, the Independent...
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka: Dry Zone Livelihood Support and Partnership Programme
Sri Lanka  
июня 2013
The Independent Office of Evaluation conducted its first Impact Evaluation in 2013 of an IFAD-funded project: the Sri Lanka Dry Zone Livelihood Support and Partnership Programme. The Impact...
Evaluation synthesis: Results-based Country Strategic Opportunities Programmes
июня 2013
In December 2011, the Executive Board requested the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD to prepare a synthesis report on the experience gained in results-based country strategic opportunities...
National Microfinance Support Programme
июня 2013
The project performance assessment of the National Microfinance Support Programme was successful in achieving its objectives and meeting major targets with respect to supporting the sector’s...
Nepal Country Programme Evaluation
мая 2013
This country programme evaluation covers over a decade of IFAD’s cooperation with Nepal (1999-2012). IFAD’s support during the evaluated period has concentrated on rural poverty alleviation through...
Rural Finance Sector Programme
декабря 2013
The project performance assessment of the Rural Finance Sector Programme in China contributed to increased access to finance by the poor, women and small producers. It also contributed to enhancing...
Uganda Country Programme Evaluation (2013)
марта 2013
This first country programme evaluation for Uganda covers the cooperation and partnership between IFAD and the Government of Uganda over the period 1998-2011Overall, the portfolio performance is...

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