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ECG paper on Gender equality and development evaluation units
декабря 2012
This synthesis was undertaken at the request of the Evaluation Cooperation Group (ECG) members, following a panel discussion of gender evaluations at the 2011 ECG meeting in Washington D.C. The fi...
Yemen Country Programme Evaluation
декабря 2012
The country programme evaluation looks at results achieved in the last 17 years (since the last CPE in 1992). Overall these have been positive, with IFAD making a significant contribution towards...
Annual Report on the Results and Impact 2012
декабря 2012
This tenth Annual Report on Results and Impact of IFAD Operations (ARRI) presents a review of evaluations completed in 2011, with particular emphasis on highlighting what has changed since the...
Forest Resource Management Project
ноября 2012
The project facilitated the formation of village resource management committees and producer groups; communities acquired valuable knowledge and skills under the project’s various training...
Microfinance and Technical Support Project
ноября 2012
The project was designed as a unique intervention bundling technical and financial services to support income generating activities for moderately and hard core poor households. In spite of a...
Rural Business Development Programme
Republic of Moldova  
ноября 2012
In the process of facilitating post-independence economic transition in Moldova, IFAD provided relevant and timely interventions in identified bottleneck areas of rural business development. The...
Northern Mindanao Community Initiatives and Resource Management Project
ноября 2012
The IFAD-supported Northern Mindanao Community Initiatives and Resource Management Project achieved positive results, having overcome a slow start-up and initial difficulties with the flow of...
Community-Based Rural Development Project in Kampong Thom and Kampot
октября 2012
The objectives of the Community-Based Rural Development Project in Kampong Thom and Kampot in Cambodia were to increase food production and farm income and increase capacity of the poor to use the...
Rural Recovery and Development Programme
октября 2012
Burundi’s major challenge, at the time of start-up of the Rural Recovery and Development Programme, was to reactivate the economy in the wake of the crisis by restoring the production base and...
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Viet Nam Country Programme Evaluation
Viet Nam  
августа 2012
IFAD-supported country programme in Viet Nam focused on support to decentralization, investment in small-scale infrastructure, market integration and microfinance. Satisfactory results were...

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