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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Smallholder Crop Improvement and MarketingProject
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  
декабря 1996
Mid-term evaluation Project area St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) comprises an archipelago of islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The Smallholder Crop Improvement and Marketing Project (SCIMP)...
Projet de Développement de la Pêche Artisanale - Phase I (1996)
декабря 1996
Completion evaluation La République de Djibouti est un petit pays de 23 000 km2 dont la population actuelle est estimée à 520 000 personnes sans compter les réfugiés. Les conditions naturelles sont...
Pequeños Productores Agrícolas de la Región Sur Oeste (1996)
Dominican Republic  
декабря 1996
Языки: English, Spanish
Proyecto para Pequeños Productores de la Zona Norte (1996)
Costa Rica  
ноября 1996
Zona de intervención La zona de intervención del PPZN abarcó en su inicio los cantones de Upala y Guatuso, situados en la provincia de Alajuela, Región Huetar Norte. En el año 1994 se amplió al...
Rainfed Agriculture Development Project in the Governorate of Sidi Bouzid (1996)
сентября 1996
Completion evaluation The geographic area covered by the project coincides with the twelve districts of the Governorate of Sidi Bouzid, totalling 755 500 hectares. In 1994 the total population in...
Языки: English, French
Honduras Country Portfolio Evaluation
июня 1996
EVALUATION PURPOSE AND SCOPE 1. At the request of the Executive Board of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Office of Evaluation and Studies (OE) has carried out a...
Employment Generation Project (1996)
апреля 1996
Interim Evaluation Project area The project area comprises of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue islands. The topography is mostly mountainous with limited flat land. The soils are generally free of stones...
Farm Reconstruction Project, Re-stocking Activities (1996)
Bosnia and Herzegovina  
апреля 1996
Interim evaluation The Federal Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) is a small, mountainous country, almost landlocked. The climate is continental except for the immediate hinterland of the...
Community-based Agriculture and Livestock Development Project PRODAP
Cabo Verde  
марта 1996
Mid-term evaluation Situated off the coast of Senegal, to the west, the ten volcanic islands making up the Republic of Cape Verde have a dry tropical climate, with a rainy season from July to...
Hoima / Kibaale Districts Integrated Community Development Project - Interim Evaluation
марта 1996
Interim Evaluation The project area covers the Hoima District, which is located in the Uganda's equatorial zone. The altitude ranges from 670 m to 1 500 m. The total area of the district is about...
Ghana Country Portfolio Evaluation
декабря 1995
List of acronyms and abbreviations ADB Agricultural Development Bank CI Cooperating Institution CLW Community Livestock Worker CPE Country Portfolio Evaluation DAES Department of Agricultural...
Small-Scale Water Control Project (SSWCP) (1995)
Gambia (The)  
декабря 1995
Mid-term evaluation report The Gambia has a total area of 10 400 square kilometres and lies on the West Coast of Africa. It consists of a narrow strip of land 10 Kilometres wide on either bank of...
Programa de Crédito y Apoyo Técnico para Pequeños Productores Agropecuarios del Noroeste Argentino
июля 1995
En virtud del interés evidenciado por el Gobierno de la República Argentina y por la División de América Latina y el Caribe del FIDA en una segunda fase del mismo, se acordó (siguiendo las...
Языки: English, Spanish
Production Credit for Rural Women (1995)
сентября 1995
Interim Evaluation The Project is executed by the Women Development Division (WDD) of MLD and is implemented through a corps of Women Development Officers and Workers (WWs). Credit is channelled by...
Smallholder Cattle Development Project - Phase II (1995)
сентября 1995
Completion Evaluation The Indonesian economy grew robustly in the 70's as a result of favorable economic policies, but the fall in oil prices in the 80's has caused severe deterioration in the...
Tamil Nadu Women's Development Project - Mid-term Evaluation (1995)
апреля 1995
Mid-term evaluation Results The Tamil Nadu Women's Development Project (TNWDP) has considerable achievements. It has almost reached the quantitative targets of loans disbursed and has overachieved...
Xieng Khouang Agricultural Development Project (1995)
Lao People's Democratic Republic  
апреля 1995
Interim evaluation The project covers the whole of the Province of Xieng Khouang, a mountainous region in the North-East of Laos. In 1989, its population was 177 000 people and some 217 000 in...
Livestock and Pasture Development Project in the Eastern Region - Mid-term evaluation (1995)
апреля 1995
Mid-term evaluation The geographic area covered by the Project consists of nine rural communes in Figuig and Oujda provinces, accounting for a total area of some 3.1 million hectares. The...
Языки: English, French
Special Country Programme
марта 1995
Interim evaluation With an estimated GNP per capita of just USD 100, Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world - about one third of the population live in absolute poverty. Ninety per...

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