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Special Country Programme, Phase II (SCP II) (2005)
十二月 2005
Interim evaluation Introduction 1 The aim of the Special Country Programme (SCP) Phase II, building on that of Phase I which was conducted in Oromia and Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's...
Rural Finance and Community Initiatives Project (2005)
Gambia (The)  
十二月 2005
Interim evaluation report 1 Introduction The Interim Evaluation of the RFCIP is being conducted prior to the consideration of a second phase of the project. The evaluation mission visited The...
Direct supervision pilot programme
十一月 2005
Background. In February 1997, the IFAD Governing Council adopted resolution 102/XX on Loan Administration and Supervision of Project Implementation, together with a Five-Year Plan of Action. The...
District Development Support Programme
三月 2005
Completion evaluation 1 Introduction The completion evaluation of the DDSP was converted from an interim to a completion evaluation mainly due to the realignment of the policy of the Government of...
Plurinational State of Bolivia Country Programme Evaluation (2005)
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)  
十二月 2004
During the period 1979-2003, the Fund approved nine projects for the Plurinational State of Bolivia totaling USD 81.3 million. The overall objective of the country programme evaluation was to...
語系: English, Spanish
Benin Country Programme Evaluation (2005)
一月 2005
Since 1981, IFAD has granted Benin eight IFAD loans for a total of USD 91 million. The first Country Strategic Opportunities Paper (COSOP) for Benin was approved in 1997 by IFAD. On the basis of...
語系: English, French
Egypt Country Programme Evaluation
十二月 2004
Overall, most projects have objectives that are highly relevant to the IFAD and Government of Egypt strategies (at the time of design) as well as to the rural poor. The relevance of the portfolio...
Direct supervision pilot programme
十二月 2004
Introduction Background. In February 1997, the IFAD Governing Council adopted resolution 102/XX on Loan Administration and Supervision of Project Implementation, together with a Five-Year Plan of...
Agricultural Development Project in Matam (2004)
十二月 2004
Interim evaluation1 The Agricultural Development Project in Matam (PRODAM) originated in 1989 at the request of the Government of Senegal, following the events with Mauritania and the forced...
語系: English, French
Agricultural Resources Management Project - Interim evaluation (2004)
十二月 2004
Interim Evaluation 1 Background and design The Agricultural Resources Management Project (ARMP) was designed in late 1995, and was the fourth IFAD supported intervention in the Hashemite Kingdom of...
Rural Micro-Enterprises Project (2004)
十二月 2004
Interim Evaluation The rural micro-enterprises project (PROMER) began activities in June 1997. Its total cost is 10.94 million de USD, with 67% covered by IFAD loans (n° 402-SN and SRS-47-SN). Its...
語系: English, French
Special Programme Soil and Water Conservation and Agro-forestry in the Central Plateau (2004)
Burkina Faso  
十二月 2004
Interim evaluation1 The Special Programme for Soil and Water Conservation and Agroforestry in the Central Plateau of Burkina Faso commenced in October 1988 as one of the most representative and...
語系: English, French
Ha Giang Development Project for Ethnic Minorities (2004)
Viet Nam  
十二月 2004
Interim Evaluation 1 Introduction and approach The Mission was mounted to assess the performance and impact of the Project (HPM) in the context of consideration of a second phase of a new project...
Agricultural Resources Conservation and Development Project in Quang Binh Province (2004)
Viet Nam  
十二月 2004
Interim Evaluation 1 Introduction The Agricultural Resources Conservation and Development Project (ARCDP) was financed by an IFAD loan of USD 12.8 million with an additional UNDP/TA grant of USD...
Root and Tuber Improvement Programme (RTIP) (2004)
十二月 2004
Interim Evaluation The Root and Tuber Improvement Programme, (RTIP) became effective in January 1999 and is scheduled to close in December 2004. IFAD and the Government of Ghana are considering a...
Development Project for Indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian Peoples (2004)
十二月 2004
Interim evaluation1 Introduction The design of the Development Project for Indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian Peoples (PRODEPINE) ties in with the government strategy for sustainable development that...
語系: English, Spanish
Annual Report on the Results and Impact 2004
十月 2004
The new IFAD evaluation policy approved by the Executive Board in April 2003 emphasized the role of the independent evaluation function at IFAD in promoting accountability and learning in order to...
Senegal Country Programme Evaluation
六月 2004
À la demande du Département des opérations du FIDA, le Bureau de l’évaluation a conduit entre octobre 2002 et juillet 2003 une Évaluation de Programme de Pays en République du Sénégal. L’objectif...
語系: English, French
Smallholder Livestock Rehabilitation Project (2004)
四月 2004
Completion evaluation 1 Project design. The Smallholder Livestock Rehabilitation Project (SLRP) was the first assistance provided by IFAD to Lebanon . The project, designed as a post-conflict...
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