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Indonesia Country Programme Evaluation (2004)
一月 2004
Country programme evaluation process1 The Indonesia Country Programme Evaluation (CPE) was undertaken by the Office of Evaluation (OE) at the request of the Government of Indonesia to take stock of...
Supervision modalities in IFAD supported projects
一月 2004
Exexutive summary Introduction1 Improving the quality of project implementation and achieving better results on the ground has been a priority for the International Fund for Agricultural...
Hills Leasehold Forestry and Forage Development Project
十二月 2003
Interim Evaluation The direct transfer of assets to the poor is an innovative approach to poverty alleviation. Aiming to solve the problem of common access to forest areas, 40-year leases give...
Community Development Project for the Rio Gavião Region (PROGAVIÃO) (2003)
十二月 2003
Interim evaluation Introduction This document contains an executive summary1 of the interim evaluation of the Community Development Project for the Rio Gavião Region (PROGAVIÃO). The evaluation –...
語系: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Annual Report on the Results and Impact 2003
十一月 2003
The IFAD V: Plan of Action (2000-2002) recommended that the Office of Evaluation (OE) produce a systematic overview of the results and impact of IFAD’s operations, based on the evaluations it...
Smallholder Development Project in North Lower Guinea
九月 2003
Interim Evaluation Despite its agricultural potential at the beginning of the 1990s, the forest region of Guinea had a food production deficit. Nationalisation policies between 1958 and 1984 had...
語系: English, French
Netrakona Integrated Agricultural Production and Water Management Project
七月 2003
Project Completion Evaluation There is evidence that sustainable changes have been brought about by the project. Assessing the effects of new technology and training, an impact survey used by the...
Rural Micro-Enterprise Finance Project
六月 2003
Interim Evaluation Over 160 microfinance institutions have adopted the Grameen-style approach to banking in the Philippines. They lend at commercial rates that cover all costs and allow for profit....
Small-scale Irrigation Schemes Rehabilitation Project
四月 2003
Project Interim Evaluation The project involved 26 small-scale irrigation schemes, covering nearly 5,000 hectares in four different areas of Haiti: Port-de-Paix (6), Saint Marc (11), Petit-Goâve...
語系: English, French
Tihama Environment Protection Project (2003)
四月 2003
Interim Evaluation Introduction The objectives of the interim evaluation were to assess: (i) the achievements of the project so far and its impact on the target groups in relation to the original...
Support Project for Small Producers in the Semi-Arid Zones of Falcom and Lara States (2003)
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)  
四月 2003
Project interim Evaluation1 Background to the evaluation The PROSALAFA project was approved by the IFAD Executive Board in April 1991. The date of effectiveness of the loan was May 1993 and the...
語系: English, Spanish
Kagera Agricultural and Environmental Management Project
United Republic of Tanzania  
三月 2003
The evaluation was mounted by OE at the request of the Belgian Survival Fund with a two-fold objective: to assess and document Project impact and sustainability; and to develop insights and...
Tunisia Country Programme Evaluation
十二月 2002
The overall objective of the country programme evaluation in Tunisia was to draw lessons from over 20 years of project experiences (1980-2002) as a contribution to guiding future IFAD strategy in...
語系: English, French
United Republic of Tanzania Country Programme Evaluation
United Republic of Tanzania  
十二月 2002
The purpose of this country programme evaluation was to provide building blocks to update the country strategic opportunities programme for the United Republic of Tanzania and, in particular, to:...
Evaluation of IFAD's technical assistance grants programme for agricultural research
十二月 2002
Executive Summary I. Introduction 1. The Strategic Framework for IFAD 2002-2006 (SF) identifies "Improving Access to Productive Natural Resource and Technology" as one of the three strategic...
Northern regions livestock development project
十月 2002
Interim Evaluation Rural households have become more involved in identifying priority areas for investment and have begun to contribute towards the costs involved and to manage capital assets...
Management of Natural Resources in the Southern Highlands Project
九月 2002
Interim Evaluation In 1993, a General Identification Mission for Peru recommended that two projects be carried out: one whose objective would be management of productive natural resources in the...
語系: English, Spanish
Northern Regions Livestock Development Project (2002)
九月 2002
Interim Evaluation Introduction The Northern Regions Livestock Development Project (NOLIDEP) is one of the first to be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development...
Livestock and Pasture Development Project in the Eastern Region
五月 2002
Interim Evaluation The project’s main objectives were to improve incomes and living conditions for subsistence farmers and to halt environmental degradation. It targeted farmers using traditional...
語系: English, French

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