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Second Agricultural Rehabilitation Project
三月 2002
Mid-term evaluation The project is national in scope, but concentrated on high priority areas to the benefit of the majority of agricultural and fishery small-scale producers. Given the...
Sri Lanka Country Programme Evaluation
Sri Lanka  
一月 2002
IFAD-supported interventions have, in general, targeted provinces with the highest incidence of poverty. Achievements in terms of infrastructure, agricultural development and credit have been...
The Independent State of Papua New Guinea (2002)
Papua New Guinea  
十二月 2001
Regarding the adverse effects of chronic malnutrition (stunting), Partha Dasgupta in his An Inquiry into Well-being and Destitution states that beyond efforts to provide emergency and food relief...
Evaluation of IFAD’s capacity as a promoter of replicable innovation
十二月 2001
Abbreviations and acronyms CBOs Community-Based Organizations CENTRIM Centre for Research in Innovation Management CLP Core Learning Partnership ECP Extended Cooperation Programme ED Economic...
Thematic Study on Rural Financial Services in China
十二月 2001
IFAD projects provided loans to between 20 and 66 percent of rural households in the project areas. The main project activities promoted through micro credit were grain production, horticulture,...
Rural Development Project for Ngöbe-Buglé Communities, Panama
十二月 2001
Interim Evaluation The project was successful on several fronts: intensive training provided crucial support for social organisation; beneficiaries got involved in project planning and management;...
語系: English, Spanish
Bokeo Food Security Project
Lao People's Democratic Republic  
十二月 2001
Laos is landlocked; 80% of the country is mountainous and around only 3% is cultivated. The major determinant of poverty is the degree of self-sufficiency in rice production and the primary...
Agricultural Resources Management Project
十二月 2001
Mid-term Evaluation Increased soil and water conservation has resulted in higher productivity levels from natural resources, bringing benefits and economic growth to the 4 041 farmers originally...
North West Agricultural Services Project
十二月 2001
Completion evaluation The IFAD Office of Evaluations and Studies carried out a Completion Evaluation (CE) of the IFAD-financed North West Agricultural Services Project (NWASP) in Armenia from...
Agricultural Development Programme for the Western region
九月 2001
Through the Agricultural Development Programme for the Western region, Honduras, 731 micro-entrepreneurs and 9,773 small producers (68 percent men, 32 percent women) received technical assistance –...
語系: English, Spanish
Viet Nam Country Programme Review and Evaluation (2001)
Viet Nam  
八月 2001
Principal CPRE recommendations Strategic The CPRE broadly confirmed the validity of IFAD strategy in Vietnam with its clear emphasis on targeting the poorest of the poor through the development of...
Andhra Pradesh Tribal Development Project
四月 2001
Completion Evaluation The project brought about changes in tribal development, allowing a multi-stakeholder approach with a specific focus on tribal people. The shift in focus from the limited...
Syrian Arab Republic Country Programme Evaluation
Syrian Arab Republic  
八月 2001
Background and Rationale The IFAD Near East and North Africa Division (PN) is planning to prepare a new country strategic opportunities paper (COSOP) for Syria in 2001 to launch a new ...
Rural Development Project for Ngöbe-Buglé Communities (2001)
四月 2001
Interim Evaluation An innovative and complex project The Rural Development Project for Ngöbe Communities was an innovative project in that it included an ethnic rights objective-legal recognition...
Smallholder Agricultural Development Project (2001)
四月 2001
Interim Evaluation Background Objectives, components and project area The Project aims at improving the incomes and food security of Swaziland's disadvantaged smallholder families, particularly...
Rural Enterprises Project (2000)
十二月 2000
Interim Evaluation During the period June-July 2000, the IFAD Office of Evaluation and Studies carried out an Interim Evaluation of the Rural Enterprises Project financed by IFAD in Ghana. The IFAD...
Nampula Artisanal Fisheries Project (2000)
九月 2000
Interim evaluation Introduction - the project The Nampula Artisanal Fisheries Project (NAFP) was formulated during 1991-92, whilst Mozambique was still in the throes of civil war, appraised in...
Tamil Nadu Women's Development Project - Completion Evaluation (2000)
四月 2000
Completion Evaluation Introduction The Executive Board approved the IFAD-initiated Tamil Nadu Women's Development Project (TNWDP) in April 1989. The project became effective in January 1990 and...

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